USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
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The finest of the Forty - One for Freedom!

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Have you been impacted by
Harvey, Irma, Jose or Katia?
 For those Shipmates, who sadly may have
been adversely affected by the above
storms, contact our Chaplain, Jim Magin,
or one of our Board members, so that we
may try to be of some assistance!
God Bless you all, and your families!

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Ahoy, Shipmates!
Go to the 1MC page! 

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President - George Wright

Vice-President - George Shaw

Secretary - Jon fader

Treasurer - Dean Hunt

Chaplain - Jim Magin

Storekeeper - Jeff Kollhoff

Webmaster - Mark Akesson

Historian - Pete Swiderski

Chairman of the Board - George Walrath


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Welcome aboard the USS John C. Calhoun Veterans Association's (JCCVA) homeport on the web.  The ship, USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630), was a Fleet Ballistic Missile nuclear submarine; whose sole purpose was to be part of this nations "triad" of nuclear deterrence.  The "triad" consisted of the long range, strategic bombers, the inground missile silos, and the FBM submarines.  This "triad" of deterrence, whose destructive potential was immense, was the force that literally brought the Cold War to an end and was a major factor in the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.  We, the members of the JCCVA have united with our shipmates to keep the memory of this fine ship alive and to rekindle the friendships we share, and still cherish. We hope you enjoy our site and leave us feeling as if we have done a good job honoring this fine submarine and her service of over 30 years to our nation.  Some of our pages have sound so you may want to turn up your speakers.  Please look around, sign our Decklog (guestbook), and enjoy your time aboard!  We're glad you're here!.


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