USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
Biography - Arthur C. Esposito, ETC(SS), USN (ret)
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Arthur C. Esposito




I was born in Brooklyn, New York; raised in Brooklyn, Queens, and my family moved to New Hyde Park, NY (on Long Island).  I attended Brooklyn Technical High School and graduated in 1961.  I attended Queens College at night one semester and found it was not for me.  I decided to join the Navy before I was drafted into the Army.

I joined the Navy in January 1962;went to boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois.  Upon completion of boot camp, I went to Electronics Technician 'A' School at Great Lakes.  Near the end of 'A' school I volunteered for submarines and received orders to report to Submarine School, New London, CT.

When I finished sub school, I got orders to the USS DOGFISH (SS -350).  I earned my dolphins in June 1964.  I was stationed aboard DOGFISH from September 1963 to August 1965.  i was having such a good time, I decided to re-enlist.  I got orders to NAVAIDS School in Dam Neck, Virginia.  When I graduated from Dam Neck I had orders to the CALHOUN  Blue to report aboard in May 1966.

I remained onboard the JCC through the first overhaul at Mare Island, CA.  I married Jo A. Black (my cousin's best friend) in January 1969.  I stayed on board the JCC until June 1972.  From the JCC, i went to instructor duty at the FBMSTC in Charleston via Basic Instructor Training in Norfolk, VA.  At the training center I started out as NAVAIDS equipment instructor then shifted to the team trainer group.  I remained at FMBSTC until March 1976 (42 month tour) thanks to some Navy extensions.

I then went to the USS WOODROW WILSON (SSBN-624) from March 1976 to June 1979.  I finally made Chief in December 1978.  From the WILSON, i went back to FMBSTC. Once again, I was assigned to the team trainer group.  I was selected for advancement to Senior Chief but decided to retire instead.  I did not want to punch any more  holes in the ocean.  I started separation leave in March 1982 and my retirement date was the end of April 1982.

In March 1982, our family moved to Reston, Virginia and I started working for Sperry Training as a Navigation curricula training specialist.  The company started out as Sperry, became UNISYS, then Paramax, back to UNISYS, Loral (for 4 months), and finally Lockheed Martin.  I have been employed with them until the present date.  I have been in the FBM program for nearly 40 years.

In June 2002, I was diagnosed with Leukemia, recived chemo and it went into remission for about a year.  I had a relapse in July 2003 and received a bone marrow transplant from one of my younger brothers in October 2003.  I have to go back for a final transplant biopsy.  I have been out on disability since July 2003.  I'm waiting for clearance from the doctor to return to work.  Unfortunately, I probably will not have a job waiting.  Guess I'll retire again and go to work at Home Depot for pocket change.

I'm currently the Treasurer of the United States Submarine Veterans Northern Virginia Base.  My wife and I are also members of the Order of Sons of Italian Americans.

Webmaster note:  Art succumbed to leukemia in 2005.  He was a great shipmate and JCCVA member.