USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
JCCVA Patriots Point Memorial
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Marble bench commemmorating the men who put the CALHOUN to sea!

JCC Marble Bench - Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum - Charleston Harbor

JCCVA has installed a beautiful, marble Memorial Bench at the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum located in Charleston Harbor.  The bench was funded completely by donations from our JCCVA members.  Garry Collins, President (2004-2006) had this to say about the effort;


I just had to share the pictures of the marble bench purchased with donations from our members! Thanks to everyone who contributed!! A big thanks to Chairman Steve Richey who spearheaded this effort! Thanks also to members Carl Chinn who took the pictures and Dave “Neck” Mueller who selected the site, accompanied the bench and supervised its installation!!

The JCC is now memorialized forever at the Patriots Point Naval Museum in the beautiful Charleston harbor. The Spirit of the JCC Vets is awesome!!!  BZ!

Garry Collins
(From a December 15, 2005 e-Mail)

Dave "Neck" Mueller gives the thumbs up on a great project!

The location of the bench