USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
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On this page you can link to any crew or reunion photos.  Simply click the link of the photos you'd like to view.  On each page, there is a link to return to this page so that you may select other photos for viewing.  If you have photos for the site, please use the below link to send you photos.

                                                          Crew Photos


Jon Fader

Dave Hopkins

Bill Hyler

Calvin Blough

Bill Smith

Ray Lough

Steve Richey

Bill Hyler

Jim Magin

Clarence Wyble

Kenn McDermott

Dick Hamly

Pete Swiderski

Danny Farrow

Don Rinthen

Fred Wheeler

Bruce Kirtley

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Garry Collins

Mike Rohlik

Dave Devine

Dennis Lanier

Steve Vickery

Dan Morris

Mark Akesson

Ken Ward

Plaque Pictures


A Dual Re-enlistment 2 Dec. 1966
Cdr. Frank Thurtell; YN1(SS) George Bonham holding Bible; YN3 (SS) James Dorman; Jim Magin MM2 (SS)

                                 All that is left of the John C. Calhoun, the Reactor Compartment #42

Photo submitted by Mark Paar