USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
Minutes of 2010 Reunion
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Minutes of the 2010 Reunion

The meeting was opened by President Joe Shook at 1305 hours on Saturday 17 July the Hospitality Room at the Sheraton North Charleston Hotel, Charleston SC, and preceded according to the agenda.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all, and followed with welcoming comments by President Joe Shook.

Chaplain Jim Magin gave the invocation.

The following members were in attendance (56 total):

Jon Fader, John Lytle, Greg Fisher, Joe Shook, Jim Magin, Jim Tyrrell, John Gordon, Dennis Lanier, Pete Rosskamp, Robert Stringfellow, Barry L. Sparrow, Brian Christiano, Ted Pruitt, Ron Burton, George Shaw, Gerry Shafer, Ed Blockinger, Michael Laymon, Jim Fuller, Michael B. Lewis, Bob Mitchell, Ralph White, Mike Toomey, Jeff Kollhoff, Paul Myers, Buck Buchanan, Jim Byrd, Dean Hunt, Carl Chinn, Dave Rein, Steve Kouski, Wayne Davison, Bill Caudill, Bill Smith, Rob Hughes, Jonathan Weisbuck, Jack St. Pierre, Jerry Tierny, Rosalie J. Calhoun, Dave Vanderveen, Ray Lough, George Walrath, George B. Wright, Pete Swiderski, Fred Ballard, Rich Umland, Jack Ensminger, Don Holloman, Joe Willms, Norm Warner, Tom Yingling, Ron Faircloth, George Bedsworth, Pat Baranski, Richard Wilson, Neil Carew.

President's Remarks: President Joe Shook thanked the officers and others that made the past two years fruitful for our organization.  He thanked Ed Blockinger for agreeing to assume the office of VP from Dr. Jonathan Weisbuck, and Tom Yingling for taking over as Treasurer from Dan Harris.  Joe also took over the duties of Webmaster from Bill Caudill.  (Editor's note: Joe has done a magnificent job in identifying former crewmembers and increasing our Calhoun veteran rolls.  My database contains 1,862 names).  Joe remarked that our auction at the Charleston Base, USSVI netted $2,000.  Joe noted that shipmate Neil Carew and his daughter would be doing photos for our reunion.  A memory book will be assembled and made available to the membership.

Vice President's Remarks: Ed Blockinger noted that our membership is excellent.  He stated that PayPal is in process on our web site

Reports: (all accepted by vote of members)

 - Secretary: Jon Fader.  Jon gave a summary of the 2008 meeting minutes.  Minutes of 2008 meeting accepted.

 - Treasurer: Tom Yingling. Tom reported that he is maintaining tight control of our money.  Tom has been providing weekly updates of our dues status. Tom stated he would provide an accounting of all funds related to the 2010 Reunion within 2 weeks. Tom will provide updated monthly Treasurer's Report to Webmaster (Joe Shook) to post on the Member's Only portion of the website.

 - Chaplain: Jim Magin.  Jim described our Eternal Patrol process, including presentation of wreath pins to spouses of departed shipmates.  He stressed the importance of communication with respect to shipmate losses or illness.  Jim's job as chaplain depends on communication from our shipmates.

 - Webmaster: Joe Shook. Joe reported that he has been working to simplify our web site.  Communications with spouses of members on Eternal Patrol was emphasized.  (Betty Grimm, spouse of deceased shipmate Robert was in attendance at the reunion.  Betty was presented with a Calhoun wreath pin at our Saturday evening banquet).  Joe encouraged formation of a Ladies Auxiliary - spouses of deceased shipmates are automatic life members per our bylaws.

 - Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff.  Jeff gave an overview of inventory and sales to date.  Jeff noted that we received $2,057 from our auction on Friday 16 July, and $2,024 from Ship's Store sales at the time of the meeting. Jeff was recognized for the great job he did in setting up the Ship's Store in the Gift Shop of the hotel. Jeff was commended for the great selection of items he had made available to members of the Association.

Old Business (Unresolved)

Bylaws: President Joe Shook noted his plans to simplify, clean up errors, and protect our assets via recommended amendments would have to be tabled until our 2012 reunion, as the requirements of Article VIII, Section 1 paragraphs A and B were not met for this reunion.

            ARTICLE VIII


Section 1

These by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the members provided that:

A. The amendment has been received and reviewed by the Board of Directors at least sixty (60) days prior to the meeting.

B. The amendment is published in writing to the members of The Association at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

Admiral Dean Axene Award: This award was approved at our 2008 business meeting.  A plaque was to be presented to the Admiral.  Admiral Axene passed away before the award could be presented.  The award was presented to the admiral's son Eric  by Joe Shook in Pensacola FL during the time of Admiral Axene's funeral.  This award is presented to a worthy member at our biennial meeting.  The award includes life membership in the SSBN 630 Veterans Association.  This year's recipient is Jack Ensminger.  Congratulations Jack.

Recruiting Awards: At the 2008 reunion, a reward system was discussed that would give web site recognition to shipmates who recruited at least three new members between reunions.  This award system starts with the Charleston reunion.

New Business

Scholarship Donation: At the 2008 reunion, a $500 donation was made to the Dolphin Scholarship fund.  At the 2010 reunion, it was decided to split the $500 donation between the Dolphin and USSVI scholarship funds.  It was also decided that the $500 would be provided only if organization funds could support the amount.  It was further decided that the scholarship donation would be a new business item for each biennial business meeting.

Bylaws Committee: Treasurer Tom Yingling discussed that our bylaws should be modified as necessary to make it a working document.  A motion was made and approved to establish a Bylaws Committee to be headed by shipmate George Bedsworth.  The committee will draw on George's expertise as an attorney to accomplish the above stated purpose.

Calhoun Memorial Bench: Shipmate George Shaw stated that the landscaping around our memorial bench at Patriot's Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Charleston is in a bad state.  It was approved to donate $500 toward beautifying the area around the bench.  Discussed that Secretary Jon Fader should draft a letter of complaint to the proper authorities at Patriot's Point that would ensure donated funds would be designated for the Calhoun Memorial Bench.  RADM Fountain did approach Joe and Kathy Shook Sunday morning and informed them that he and his lovely wife visited the site on Saturday afternoon and found everything to be in immaculate shape.  Based on the Admiral's observation, it looks like someone must be taking care of it.  It could be someone called them after our business meeting and they sent some gardeners over to tidy it all up, because Admiral Bob said it looked very nice all around the entire site.  President Ed Blockinger will follow up with a couple of our members in Charleston and ask them if they could periodically check and make sure the landscaping around the bench is being taken care of.  Shipmate Dean Hunt provided pictures of the bench to President Ed that clearly showed that the area around the bench was in good order.  Matter closed.

2012 Reunion: Proposed reunion sites for 2012 were: Chattanooga TN - George Shaw, Gatlinburg TN - Steve Springer, Los Angeles CA - George Walrath, and Las Vegas Nevada.  A vote determined that our 2012 reunion will be in Gatlinburg TN, hosted by Steve Springer.

Election of Officers: The following are our new officers (elected and appointed):

President: Ed Blockinger

Vice President: John Lytle

Treasurer: Tom Yingling

Secretary: Jon Fader

Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff

Historian: Pete Swiderski

Photomaster: Glenn Gerbrand

Webmaster: Joe Shook

Members Only Password: The President will provide the new members only password for all dues paying members.

The meeting was adjourned at 1530 hours.

Respectfully submitted,


Jon Fader