USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
2010 Reunion Photos
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During this recent Reunion 2010, many of you were photographed with friends, family and former Shipmates by one of our former Shipmates and his talented daughter.
Neil Carew, Gold Crew MM from 64-67, and brother of Wes Carew, Gold Crew FT, '63-68, has a business called, of all things, Neil's Photography.
Below is a link to their website, where you can examine those pictures they took and order copies of those which you may want.
They have also assembled a Scrapbook, which they will have for sale through our Ship's Store, as well as a DVD/CD offering of these pictures. (Information is forthcoming on these two items.)

Neil's Photography's Calhoun Reunion 2010

As they have done in the past, some members of our Organization also have taken pictures, which they have likewise shared with us.

If you have some you would also like to share, please contact our Webmaster!

Captain Dick Hamly, USN (ret), and his lovely wife, Gloria, have already sent in some which they took, as displayed in the grid below. Kathy and I took a few also.

Thanks and enjoy!

Tom Yingling did a great job of organizing this Reunion for us, and many of us enjoyed Thursday evening at Joe Riley Stadium on the banks of the historic Ashley River watching the Charleston Riverdogs beat the Augusta Greenjackets in an exciting Class A Minor League baseball game. Maybe some of you got photos at that event.

Whatever the event, or situation (within propriety's bounds), we'd appreciate having what publishable photos you took and would like to share!

Members' Photos

Capt. Hamly's


The Shook's