USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
Al Gould's Latest Orders
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 Al Gould, MM1(SS), SSBN 630 Gold (1966 – 1972) recently received orders to report to the Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Georgia.  Gould’s sons, Bryan and Mike, surprised him on his birthday by announcing that they had made arrangements for Gould to tour the Trident submarine base.  Gould was then given his orders to report to the base on Sunday, May 15, 2011.

And so, on May 15, 2011, Gould, escorted by Bryan and Mike, proceeded to the front gate of the Kings Bay Submarine Base, where they were met by Robert Koss, MTC(SS).  The trio was treated by Chief Koss to a personal automobile tour of the base, followed by an in-depth and informative tour aboard the USS Wyoming SSBN 742. For Gould this tour brought back a flood (oops, never say flood when talking about submarines) rush of memories, while his sons got to experience a little bit of what life on a submarine is like.  

Following the base and ship tour, Gould thanked Chief Koss for the time and knowledge that he shared with them.  Gould and his son, Bryan then drove to the small town of St. Mary’s, Georgia, a few miles from the base, where they spent time touring its submarine museum.

It was a great trip down memory lane, one that Al Gould was able to share with his sons.