USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
2012 Minutes
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Minutes of the 2012 Reunion

The meeting was opened by President Ed Blockinger at 0930 hours on Saturday 14 July 2012 in the Hospitality Room at the Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg, TN, and proceeded according to the agenda.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all, and followed with welcoming comments by President Ed Blockinger.

Chaplain Jim Magin gave the invocation.

The following members were in attendance (59):

Jon Fader, John Lytle, Ed Blockinger, Jim Magin, Jerry Cope, Tom Tidd, Don Holloman, Jack St Pierre, Lowell Russell, Robert Hughes, Max Hopkins, Bill Smith, Carl Graham, Alan Gould, Ray Lough, Wayne Davison, William Rogerson, Pete Swiderski, Dick Hamly, Jim Fuller, Ralph White, Vincent Boland, Barry Ensminger, Michael Lewis, John Howser, George Shaw, Gerry Shafer, Randall Buchanan, Paul Myers, Mike Toomey, Rosalie J. Calhoun, John (Reb) Burton, Jeff Kollhoff, Rick Umland, Charles Walden, William (Bill) Sutton, Kevin Kirchgatter, Stan Tennyson, Donald Rinthen, Pete Rosskamp, Dennis Lanier, Lewis Chasteen, Steven Fritchman, Bob Mitchell, Steve Kouski, Jim Byrd, Bill Caudill, Michael Feigl, Art Zanta, Dave Devine, Garry Collins, Charlie Mineau, Frank DeMaio, John Gordon, Pete Sarafian, Ken Ruddock, Dean Hunt and Arlie Henry.

Presidents Remarks:

President Ed Blockinger thanked the officers and others that made the past two years fruitful for our organization. He spoke of the untimely passing of Reunion Host Steve Springer on 1 July, and praise Steve and Pauline's excellent accountability of reunion funds. John Gordon, a shipmate and friend of Steve, was also praised for his on the scene help and support. Ed stated that shipmate Mark Lanier is assuming the Webmaster position from Joe Shook who is pursuing other interests and responsibilities.

Vice Presidents Remarks:

John Lytle reported that he is the incoming President. As chair of the Nominating Committee, he nominated John Gordon for VP and Dean Hunt for Treasurer.

Reports: (all accepted by vote of members)

-Secretary: Jon Fader. Jon gave us a summary of the 2010 meeting minutes. Minutes of 2010 meeting accepted.

-Treasurer: President Ed provided the Treasurer's report, as Tom Yingling was unable to attend the reunion. He noted that we had $13,000 in our Calhoun Bank Account and $1800 in our Reunion Fund.

-Chaplain: Jim Magin. Jim stressed that communication was vital with respect to shipmate losses and illnesses. Jim's job as Chaplain depends on communication from our shipmates. Our web site is the pivotal communication link for our Calhoun shipmates. Jim stated that he has provided 6 wreath pins to widows of deceased shipmates over the last two years.

-Webmaster: Joe Shook. Joe was unable to attend the reunion. Joe has done a remarkable job maintaining our website Our website is the primary source of communication for our organization. Under Joe's guidance, Mark Lanier has assumed the Webmaster duties.

-Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff. Jeff gave an overview of the inventory and sales to date. Jeff noted that we have $4,389 in sales and received $1,642 from Ship's Store sales at the time of the meeting. Jeff set up the Ship's Store in his room at the hotel, and did an outstanding job providing a great selection of items.

-Historain: Pete Swiderski. Pete stated that he maintains our SSBN 630 artifacts.

Old Business


President Ed Blockinger noted that we were not properly prepared to vote on the proposed amendments prepared by Barry Ensminger and George Bedworth. The requirements of Article VIII, Section 1 paragraphs A and B were not met for this reunion.

Article VIII


Section 1 These by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the members provided that:

A. The amendment has been received and reviewed by the Board of Directors at least sixty (60) days prior to the meeting.

B. The amendment is published in writing to the members of the Association at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

An email identifying proposed amendments will be sent by Webmaster Mark Lanier to all current members by 1 October 2012. Comments must be returned by 1 November 2012. The email will contain the deadline. A motion was made and approved to add a proposed amendment to Article VIII to allow a vote on amendments to our bylaws by members online via a virtual meeting.

Admiral Dean Axene Award:

This award was approved at our 2008 business meeting. A plaque was to be presented to the Admiral. Admiral Axene passed away before the award could be presented. The award was presented to the Admiral's son by Joe Shook in Pensecola, FL during the time of Admiral Axene's funeral. This award is presented to a worthy member at out biennial meeting. This award includes life membership in the SSBN 630 Veterans Association. This years recipient is Secretary Jon Fader. (The award was announced by President Ed and presented at the banquet).

New Business

2014 Reunion:

President Ed discussed that in light of the unfortunate circumstances created by Steve Springer's passing, proper backups should be in place to step in and take over planning and handling of funds. Garry Collins suggested utilizing a reunion planner; the planner would most likely be able to get the best prices, and ease the burden of making necessary arrangements.

Proposed reunion sites for 2014 were: Newport News, VA(SSBN 630's 50th anniversary) - George Shaw, Chicago, IL - Jim Fuller, and Los Angeles, CA - George Walrath. A vote determined that our 2014 reunion will be held in Los Angeles, CA hosted by George Walrath. (most likely mid-September).

Election of Officers: The following are our new officers (elected and appointed): John Gordon removed his name after George Walrath was nominated from the floor.

President: John Lytle

Vice President: George Walrath

Treasurer: Dean Hunt

Secretary: Jon Fader

Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff

Historian: Pete Swiderski

Photomaster: Glenn Gerbrand

Webmaster: Mark Lanier

Members Only Password:

The President will provide the new members only password to all dues paying members.

The meeting was adjourned at 1120 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jon Fader

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