USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
2014 Minutes
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Minutes of the 2014 Reunion


The meeting was opened by President John Lytle at 0930 hours on Saturday 13 September in the Yosemite Room of the Doubletree Hotel Orange CA, and proceeded according to the agenda.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all, and followed with welcoming comments by President John Lytle.


Acting Chaplain Dick Hamly gave the invocation.


The following members were in attendance (27 total):


  Jon Fader, Dean Hunt, Rosalie Calhoun, George Walrath, John Lytle, Richard Umland, Bob Lee, Robert Stringfellow, Tom Corwin, Frank De Maio, Bill Rogerson, Dennis Lanier, Bucky Clark, Jeff Kollhoff, George Wright, Max Hopkins, Dave Devine, Bill Caudill, Michael Lewis, Thomas Tidd, Michael Feigl. Charlie Mineau, Pete Sarafian, Ralph White, James Byrd, Richard Hamly, and Ray Lough.


President’s Remarks: President John Lytle thanked the officers and others for all their support during the past two years.


  Vice President’s Remarks: George (Wally) Walrath welcomed all to California and reported that he is the oncoming President.  As chair of the nominating committee, he nominated George Wright ET1(SS) 66-70 for Vice President.  Wally stated his feelings regarding the John C. Calhoun Veterans Association (taken from his President’s Message):


1. The Association is by and for us - the members.


2. I do not feel comfortable and will not give away the Associations monies or personal information to any cause or group no matter how politically correct it may seem at the time. This also includes names, addresses, phone numbers, ‘e’ mail addresses, etc. If an individual member wants to contribute to a cause, political PAC group, etc. – then that is their decision. I believe the Officers and Board of directors concur with me when I say that the money in our treasury belongs to the membership and should be spent on the membership.


3. I also believe that to further the camaraderie, fellowship, and brotherhood of the Association, we need to have more shipmates/families come the reunions. We need new blood to inject new ideas and help direct this organization. You the membership served on one of the finest (my opinion) submarines that the Navy ever commissioned. Someday we will all be gone, but until that time we have the opportunity to come together and share our experiences – both those on the Boat and in life. How many times have you planned to meet up with a past shipmate at the next reunion only to find out that he had passed? So I’m asking that when the dates for the next reunion are posted, that if possible you make allowances to attend.


Reports: (all accepted by vote of members)


- Secretary: Jon Fader.  Jon gave a summary of the 2012 meeting minutes.  Minutes of 2012 meeting accepted.


- Treasurer: Dean Hunt provided the Treasurer’s report.  He noted that we had approx. $17,000 in our Calhoun Bank Account.  Dean reported on the problems with reestablishing our tax-exempt status.  He reported that thanks to the help of SC Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott our status was reinstated.  President Ex Officio John Lytle is preparing letters of thanks to the senators.


- Chaplain: Jim Magin.  Jim was unable to attend the reunion.  Dick Hamly graciously agreed to be acting chaplain, and did an outstanding job.


- Webmaster: Mark Lanier. Mark was unable to attend the reunion.  Mark has done an outstanding job maintaining our web site  Our web site is the primary source of communication for our organization.


- Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff. Jeff gave an overview of inventory and sales to date.  Jeff noted that we received about $2,000 during the previous two years.  (Note: As of the business meeting there was $984 in Ship’s Store sales).  Jeff set up the Ship’s Store in the hospitality room at the hotel, and did an outstanding job providing a great selection of items.  Jeff stressed that he looks for quality items at reasonable prices.



Old Business


Bylaws:  At the 2012 reunion a motion was made and approved to add a proposed amendment to Article VIII to allow a vote on amendments to our bylaws by members online via a virtual meeting.  At the 2014 business meeting it was decided not to change the bylaws.


  Admiral Dean Axene Award: This award was approved at our 2008 business meeting.  A plaque was to be presented to the Admiral.  Admiral Axene passed away before the award could be presented.  The award was presented to the admiral’s son Eric by Joe Shook in Pensacola FL during the time of Admiral Axene’s funeral.  This award is presented to a worthy member at our biennial meeting.  The award includes life membership in the SSBN 630 Veterans Association.  This year’s recipient is past President and Webmaster Joe Shook.  (The award was announced by President George Walrath and will be sent to Joe).

 New Business

2016 Reunion:  There was a discussion on allocation of funds for future reunions.  A motion was made and approved to use JCCVA funds to subsidize future reunions.   By acclamation, the 2016 reunion will be held in the Tidewater area of Virginia (site to be announced later).  Reunion Hosts are John Lytle and Jim Byrd.




 Election of Officers: The following are our new officers (elected and appointed):




 President: George Walrath

 Vice President: George Wright

 Treasurer: Dean Hunt

 Secretary: Jon Fader



Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff


 Historian: Pete Swiderski


 Photomaster: Glenn Gerbrand


 Webmaster: Mark Lanier



 Members Only Password: The President will provide the new members only password for all dues paying members.



 The meeting was adjourned at 1100 hours.



 Respectfully submitted,


 Jon Fader







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