USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
2008 Chattanooga Reunion
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Chattanooga 2008!

George Shaw and his lovely wife Cindy, hosted this fabulous event at the world famous Choo Choo hotel.  George and Cindy were assisted by their great friends, Chales Moles and his lovely girlfriend, Dawn Thompson.  Shipmate Ken Wethington also helped out in the hospitality suite.  The suite was never without our favorite submarine beverages (no, not bug juice or powdered milk) and snacks. 
Attendees were treated to a great musical production at the Jukebox Junction Theatre featuring "Elwood Smooch" and a beautiful and talented 11 year old, Mackenzie Morgan.  Elwood (Billy Baker), a professional musical comic also visited our hospitality suite and enjoyed some home grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.  Shipmates also rode the Chattanooga Ducks (amphibs from WW II), and dined on the beautiful Tennessee River aboard the "Southern Belle".  Reunion attendees also visited the many historic civil war battlefields, toured the Aquarium downtown, rode the great electric shuttles, and enjoyed the many geographical landmarks including Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain.
One of the highlights of the Saturday Evening banquet was the collection of donations to aid a JCCVA member whose home was destroyed by the floods in the midwest.  JCCVA members and their guests kicked off the fund raising drive with a substantial contribution to help our shipmate!  This great gesture of support highlights the spirit of the American submariner! Laughing
Another notable event happened at the banquet.  Charles Moles, George's friend, won an auction for a walking cane engraved with "USS John C. Calhoun SSBN 630".  The bidding went quite high for this item and immediately upon winning, Charles presented the cane to shipmate Bob Lee who suffered a stroke in the past and uses a walking cane for mobility.  Bob was very proud to receive the cane, and all hands appreciated the great spirit and graciousness of Charles!  Charles is the tire specialist for the #07 Nascar Racing team and that was his last free weekend until November.  Charles also took the microphone at the banquet and expressed his feelings about the camaraderie and spirit of the JCCVA.  In the end, I believe the JCCVA was blessed and honored to have Charles and Dawn at our great event!  We hope to see them again! Smile
Glenn Gerbrand, Al Marshall, "Reb" Burton - the hinge pin returneth!

A formal presentation was made to Al Marshall (XO 74-77 Blue) by John "Reb" Burton (TM 72 - 77 Blue).  It seems sometime in 1975, the XO's door was removed from his stateroom and disappeared for several days.  "Reb" acknowledged his involvement in the disappearnce of the door and presented the XO the hinge pin from the missing door!  Al said the worst part of the whole sordid affair was having to wake up and stare at the stern face of John C Calhoun himself as his portrait was mounted just outside the XO's stateroom.  Al vows to have the pin permanently mounted on some type of display.  We're looking forward to seeing that in Charleston in 2010.
Dr Jonathan Weisbuch was elected Vice President and Dan Harris was elected Treasurer.  Bill Caudill agreed to take on Webmaster responsibilities and Glenn Gerbrand agreed to transition into the Photomaster responsibilities.  Visit the "JCCVA History" page to see the full roster of Association officers.

Call for Chattanooga Reunion Photos:  Please send your Chattanooga reunion photos to Glenn Gerbrand so he can work them up and have them posted here on the site.  Please include the names of the parties in the file extension of all photos.  Also, due to some restrictions on the site, please do not include any spaces or special characters in the file names as they will not upload properly.  Example:  If your photo is of Smith and Jones, please label the picture file as:  smithjones.jpg   Other examples of file extensions would be:  jccvabanquet1.jpg, chattawaterfront.jpg, etc.   If you would like to email some files to Glenn, you can use the below link.  You can also contact Glenn and mail him a CD with the photos!  Thanks!

Chattanooga Choo-Choo Holiday Inn
Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Reunion Attendees


Peter Barlow

FN 71 - 73 Blue

Spouse Reba, Paul Hitt


George Bedsworth

MM 67 - 71 Blue

Spouse Sharon

 Cruise & Ducks

Ed Blockinger

TM 64 - 72 Blue

Spouse Linda, Alyce Shafer


Dick Brown

ET 76 - 77 Blue

Spouse Kathy

 Cruise & Ducks

John "Reb" Burton

TM 72 - 76 Blue

Spouse Susan

 Cruise & Ducks

Jim Byrd

ET 63 -66 Gold

Spouse Barbara

 Cruise & Ducks

Rosalie Calhoun

Ship Sponsor

 Cruise & Ducks

Bill Cantrel

SN 77 - 81 Gold

Spouse Karen

 Cruise & Ducks

Bill Caudill

MM 67 - 74 B & G

Spouse Caroline

 Cruise & Ducks

Larry Chism

IC 70 - 73 Blue

Spouse Jan

Macon Clark

MM 72 - 79 Blue

Spouse Angie, Matt & Allison Ledford

 Cruise (4)

Garry Collins

ET 73 - 76 Blue

Spouse Marylyn, grandaughter Lexie


Jerry Cope

MM 63 - 66 Blue

Spouse Bonnie, Tony & Judy Denicola

 Cruise (2)

Joe Czerwionka

ET 71 - 73 Blue

Spouse Maggie

Jerry Dale

MT 63 - 66 Gold

Spouse Lessie

 Cruise & Ducks

Dave Devine

IC 70 -73 Blue

Spouse Peggy


Steve Dye

MM 89 - 92 Blue

Spouse Penny

 Cruise & Ducks

Jack Ensminger

TM 63 - 66 Gold

Spouse Lori


Jo Ann Esposito(Art's widow)

ET 67 - 72 Blue

 Cruise & Ducks

Steve Ethetton

MM 72 - 74 Blue

Spouse Kay


Jon Fader

MT 64 - 69 Gold

Spouse Joan

 Cruise & Ducks

Ron Faircloth

MT 63 - 70 Gold

Spouse Dianna

 Cruise & Ducks

Mike Feigl

EM 71 - 74 Blue

Spouse Marilyn


Jim Friday

ET 62 - 64 Gold

Spouse, Son & Daughter in Law

 Cruise & Ducks

Glenn Gerbrand

ST 73 - 74 Blue

Spouse Elaine, Jennifer (dau), Arlie, James Adkins


Peggy Gilliland (Wilbur's widow)

QM 64 - 69 Gold

 Cruise & Ducks

John Gordon

ET 66 - 72  & 75 - 79 Blue 

Spouse Rosemary


Alan Gould

MM 66 - 72 Gold

Spouse Angela

 Cruise & Ducks

Al Grimmig

MM 71 - 74 Blue

Two guests


Dick Hamly

LTJG 67 - 70 Blue

Spouse Gloria

 Cruise & Ducks

Dan Harris

FT 74 - 79 Blue

Don Holloman

MT 63 - 67 Gold


David "Max" Hopkins

EM 68 - 72 Gold

Spouse Gloria

Cruise & Ducks

Rob Hughes

MT 71 - 73 Gold

Spouse Linda

Reunion Only

Danny Hunt

MT 69 - 73 Gold

Larry & B.J. Thomas


Dean Hunt

ET 64 - 69 Gold

Spouse Lynn


Jeff Kollhoff

QM 86 - 90 Blue

Spouse Michelle, Children
Jeffery, Jacob, Becky

 Cruise (2)

Steve Kouski

MM 72 - 75 Blue

Spouse Mary


Maurice Laubach

QM 64 - 66 Blue

 Cruise & Ducks

Dennis Lanier

IC 74 - 79 Blue

Spouse Jeannie

 Cruise & Ducks

Michael Layman

MM 78 - 82 Blue

Bob Lee

TM 63 - 65 Blue

Spouse Carol

 Cruise & Ducks

Mike Lewis

MM 67 - 71 Blue

Spouse Charlene

 Cruise & Ducks

John Lytle

MT 64 -72 Gold

Spouse Valery


Jim Magin

MM 65 - 70 Gold

Spouse Marni


Al Marshall

LCDR 74-77 Blue

Spouse Phoebe

 Cruise & Ducks

Richard Massey

MM 74-77 Blue

Spouse Lavon

 Cruise & Ducks

Paul Matthews

IC 70 - 74 Blue

Spouse Lynne

 Cruise & Ducks

Bruce McKenna

FT 65 - 68 Blue

Spouse Mary Ann

 Cruise & Ducks

Charlie Mineau

MM 70 - 73 Gold

John Cardoni

 Reunion Only

Mark Paar

MM 70 - 73 Gold

 Reunion Only

Ted Pruitt

MM 67 - 72 Gold

Spouse Frances

 Cruise & Ducks

Don Rinthen

MS 73 - 77 Blue

Spouse Loretta


George Roberts

RM 87 - 89 Blue

Spouse Judy

 Cruise & Ducks

Bill Rogerson

CDR Decom CO

Spouse Lorna

Pete Sarafian

LT 66-69 Gold

 Cruise & Ducks

George Shaw

EM 79 - 83 Blue

Spouse Cindy, Dawn Thompson, Charles Moles

 Cruise & Ducks

Joe Shook

MT 64 -67 Gold

Spouse Kathy

 Cruise & Ducks

Bill Smith

ET 65 - 70 Blue

Spouse Brenda


Jack St. Pierre

ET 64 -69 Gold

Spouse Elaine

 Cruise & Ducks

Robert Stringfellow

ST 74 - 75 Blue

Spouse Kristine

 Cruise & Ducks

Sam Sutton

MM 64-75 Blue

Guest TBD


Peter Swiderski

TM 64 - 67 Blue

Spouse Ann


Mike Toomey

ET 65 - 67 Blue

Spouse Karen, Son Michael

 Cruise & Ducks

Richard Umland

MM 65 - 67 Gold

Jill Wetzler

 Cruise & Ducks

Warren Vige

EM 73 - 80 Blue

Marianna Lauterbach

 Cruise & Ducks

George Walrath

MM 63 - 67 Gold

Spouse Valerie


E. Chandler Ward

EM 63 - 67 Gold

Spouse Lora

 Cruise & Ducks

Norm Warner

MM 67 - 71 Blue

Spouse Mary

 Cruise & Ducks

Jonathan Weisbuch

LT 64 - 66 Gold

Spouse Mary Ellen Bradshaw

 Cruise & Ducks

Ken Wethington

MM 77 - 80 Blue

 Cruise & Ducks

Ralph White

MM 63 - 67 Gold

Spouse Joyce

 Cruise & Ducks

James Whittaker

ET 82 - 87 Blue

Spouse Robin

 Cruise & Ducks

Tom Yingling

MT 64 - 71 Gold

Jeanie Flanagan

 Cruise & Ducks