USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
2006 Minutes
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Reunion 2006 Minutes
by Secretary Jon Fader 

The meeting was opened by President Garry Collins at 1000 hours in the Mission Bay Room of the Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego CA, and proceeded according to the agenda. 

The Pledge was led by Garry, and followed with welcoming comments. 

The following members were in attendance (31 total): (Note: There were more than 31 members present, but everyone did not sign the attendance sheet). 

Jon Fader, Jeff Kolhhoff, Garry Collins, Glenn Gerbrand, Pete Swiderski, Jack Ensminger, James Howell, Rosalie Calhoun, George Walrath, Max Hopkins, George Wright, Paul Matthews, Joe Shook, “J” Kip Casper, Dennis Lanier, Mike Lewis, Joe Czerwionka, John Burton, Dan Burns, Steve Kouski, George Shaw, Rob Hughes, Cleo Baker, Bruce McKenna, Mike Toomey, Don Mathiowetz, Bill McCaffrey, Jim Byrd, Bill Cantrell, Al Marshall.

Reports: (all accepted by vote of members)

- Secretary: Jon Fader.
(Minutes of 2004 meeting accepted) 

- Treasurer: Ralph White. In providing a report of the Memorial Bench installed at Charleston SC, Ralph pointed out that $1510.00 was received, and $1410.00 was required; membership was polled and decided that the $110.00 overage was to be given to dues.

 - Storekeeper: Jeff Kolhoff.  Jeff reported that inventory has increased from $70.00 in 2004 to $1620.00 now. 

- Webmaster: “Mac” McDermott has passed the baton to Garry Collins.  Garry has been busy learning the tricks of the trade, and getting insights from Mac. 

- Historian: Pete Swiderski. Pete gave a verbal itemization of Calhoun artifacts possessed by Association. 

- Membership: Garry Collins.  Paid membership has increased from 89 in 2004 to 190 in 2006. 

- Chaplain: Jim Magin.  Jim wasn’t able to be at the reunion; Mike Lewis will give the invocation at the banquet. 

Old Business (Resolved)

1. A financial audit is being conducted each quarter by the organization officers. 

2. Dues are being paid at two-year intervals 

3. The IRS tax exemption has been approved.  We are officially a 501C (19) organization.  The condition for the approval was that 90% of our membership are classified as veterans.  

Old Business (Unresolved)

1. Life membership was discussed.  The membership voted against life membership. 

2. College Fund – CO’s Fund proposed by Bill Rogerson at the 2004 meeting.  The membership decided against managing a scholarship fund.   The membership voted and approved to designate $500.00 in 2006 to the Dolphin Scholarship fund now.  Motion was made and approved to make a charitable contribution at each biennial meeting based on our gross treasury proceeds at the time of the meeting. 

3. Winding up the organization.  This topic was discussed under proposed bylaws amendment. (new Article IX)

New Business

1. Proposed bylaws amendments:

      a. Winding up the organization.  New Article IX was proposed as follows: ARTICLE IX DISSOLUTION OF THE ASSOCIATION

Section 1  When circumstances arise that render the Association unable to maintain adequate membership to sustain Association operations, it may be necessary to dissolve the Association.   The board of directors shall initiate such action and a majority of the board must approve the dissolution proposal before presenting the proposal to the membership for vote.  Then, all eligible members may vote and a 2/3 majority is required to dissolve the Association. 

Section 2  Upon dissolution, the membership will vote on distribution of all monies.  All monies must be donated to a viable, legitimate, charitable organization as decided by the membership.  Under no circumstances, will any asset of the Association be retained by any individual member or no member may directly or indirectly benefit from the disposition of funds or other assets.  Memorabilia from the ship, such as the brow banner, etc.  will be donated to a museum displaying submarine items or they may be donated to the Navy Archives in Washington DC.

Section 3  Upon dissolution, the last serving President is responsible to officially notify the IRS, in writing, that the Association has been dissolved.

Section 4  All financial records, membership records, historical records, and any other documentation regarding the Association should be retained by the last serving Secretary for a period of five years.

 The article was approved by the membership.

            b. Administrative Change - Chaplain Revision.  A change was proposed to Article II Section 2 as follows:

 b. Administrative Change – Chaplain.  It was recommended to amend Article II Section 2 as follows: Note: Jim Magin (currently states Kevin O’Brien) has been appointed Chaplain in perpetuity; Peter Swiderski has been appointed Historian in Perpetuity;  Jim and Peter will serve in these positions until such time that they decline to serve, or are unable to perform their duties.

After discussion, the membership approved removing this note in its entirety from Article II Section 2. 

             c. Tax Exempt Status Inclusion.  New Section 5 to Article IV was proposed as follows: 

Tax Exempt Status inclusion.  It was recommended to add new Section 5 to Article IV as follows: SECTION 5 TO ARTICLE IV:

The Association has been granted tax exemption status under section 501 (c) (19) of the Internal Revenue Code.   Additionally, 90% of our members served between August 1964 and May 1975, which authorizes all contributions to the Association to be considered tax deductible.  IRS must be notified in writing when Association membership no longer qualifies for the deductibility exemption.

The membership approved the addition. 

2. Reunion Planners.  Creative Conference and Training Management (CCTM), Colorado Springs CO was proposed as a resource for future reunion planning.  CCTM (Tom Montieth a relative of Calhoun vet) would charge $12 per person to perform all coordinating and scheduling activities, no matter where the location.  Membership voted and approved to allow use of reunion planners if desired by the reunion host.

3. Commemorative Plaque.  Details were presented concerning a Calhoun memorial plaque at the Navy Museum in Washington DC at a cost of $2500.00.  It was decided that a distribution of plaque recommendations will be made to the membership for consideration.  A decision will be made based on a poll of the membership. 

4. Capt Brooks Funeral - Joe Shook gave a moving description of funeral services for Walter Brooks, LCDR Blue (XO) 64-65. 

5. Reunion 2008 - Our 2008 reunion will be hosted by George and Cindy Shaw in Chattanooga TN.


Election of Officers:  The following are our new officers (elected and appointed):

President: Glenn Gerbrand

Vice President: Joe Shook

Treasurer: Ralph White

Secretary: Jon Fader

Storekeeper: Jeff Kollhoff

Historian: Pete Swiderski

Photomaster: Max Hopkins

Webmaster: Garry Collins 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1200 hours.

Respectfully submitted.

Jon Fader

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