USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
2002 Minutes
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Reunion 2002 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held in the Hospitality Room at Chamberlin Hotel, was called to order at 0900 by President Calvin Blough. The following shipmates were in attendance: Ray Lough, Jon Fader, Steve Richey, George Walrath, Jim Byrd, Paul Myers, Jeff Kollhoff, John Graziano, Dave Ashbay, Bill Hamlin, Frank DeMaio, Jack Ensminger, Max Milien, Tom Tidd, Ralph White, David Hopkins, Bruce Smith, Rosalie Calhoun, Jerry Cope, Kevin O’Brien, Macon Clark, Rick Umland, Andrew Maples, Garry Collins, Dan Burns, Michael Felicetti, Maurice Laubach, and Lee Dickey.

The following items were discussed:

  • Dues: Discussed that a portion of dues proceeds were originally to be designated toward a scholarship fund. After some discussion, it was decided to we had no known minute notes referenced on this subject and it was decided to close it out with no action. It was also decided that dues would remain at $10.00 per year.
  • Support of families: Discussed the feasibility of providing monetary support, if needed, to families of deceased shipmates. After much discussion, it was decided that the support currently provided (flowers, cards) is adequate. The importance of providing notification to the Association officers when a shipmate passes away is very important.
  • Ship’s Stores: The membership voted to provide Storekeeper Ray Lough with $500 seed money to purchase ship’s stores items.
  • Reunion Activities: It was approved that there will be a day-to-day general agenda posted in advance for all reunion activities, e.g., fishing trips; all planned activities will be paid for in advance by reunion attendees. Money paid for activities will not be refunded – This factor will be part of the info describing the activity.
  • New Web Site: It was approved that a new John C. Calhoun web site, WWW.SSBN630.ORG, will be created to replace Scott Andrews site. Kenn McDermott will build the site with the assistance of Steve Richey. A motion was made to make the web site a budget item – There will be a two year trial period to get the site up and running, and determine its success. Funds in the amount of $350 were authorized for Kenn and Steve to build the site. The motion was passed.
  • Next Reunion Site: Two sites, Louisville KY (Garry Collins) and Orlando FL (Pete Swiderski) were offered. The membership voted for Louisville KY. Garry Collins will host the 2004 reunion. Rosalie Calhoun suggested that the 2006 reunion be held in San Diego, CA.
  • Election of Officers: Garry Collins was elected as Vice President; Per the bylaws, Steve Richey, current VP, moves to President. Jon Fader remains as Secretary. Fred Ballard remains as Treasurer. Ray Lough was immediately reappointed as Storekeeper. Kevin O’Brien remains as our Chaplain.

The meeting was adjourned at 1030.

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