USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
Biography - Rosalie J. Calhoun
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Rosalie J. Calhoun

I was born on North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego, CA (actually on the "island" of Coronado) on 5/4/1949.  I was the middle child and only girl born to my parents.  My dad was Admiral William L. Calhoun (USN retired).  My mom, Rosalie, was an Army nurse who caught my dad's eye out in Noumea, New Caledonia, during WWII.  They married shortly after WWII and then they had by brother, Alex.  That was two years before I was born and then my brother Patrick came along three years after me.  My father had 2 sons (William and John C.) from his first marriage and by half brothers were a big part of my life when I was growing up.

I was 14 years old when I christened the USS John C. Calhoun and sent her down the ways on 6/22/63.  It was a very proud day for me and for my family.  My dad died shortly after I commissioned the CALHOUN, on 10/19/63.  I credit my parents with everything that is good about me.  I accept all the blame for any aspects where i don't measure up!

I graduated from Coronado High School in 1967.  Then I attended Mills College n Oakland, CA for 2 years from 1967 to 1969.  I decided to leave Mills and returned to San Diego where I attended San Diego City College for two years until 1971.  I earned my AA in Liberal Arts in June 1971.  Most people attend community college and then transfer to a 4-year institution, however, I reversed the order.

I did not plan to be a civil servant, it just happened.  At the time of my graduation from City College, a friend of mine was  planning on taking a Civil Service entry examination.  I signed up to take it too.  I worked for less than a year as a clerk for the Department of Defense before I transferred to the Social Security Administration.  I worked for several years as a service representative in San Diego.  I was comfortable in my little condo in Coronado, living not too far from my mom, but I was ready for a change.  I received a promotion to claims representative in 1976 and the promotion entailed a move to Palo Alto, CA.  Uncle Sam paid for the move. (Even-though Uncle Sam would have helped me buy a home, unfortunately, I didn't purchase real estate in Silicon Valley).  I served as claims representative until 1979 when I left government service to return to college.  I attended California Sate University at Hayward, CA for 2 years from 1980 1982 where I earned my BS in business administration.  (Cal State Hayward was just down the road a piece from Mills College where I should have graduated in 1971).

After graduation, I went to work for Uncle Sam at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, CA where I did administrative work for a group of scientists.  I worked there for three years.  Then, in 1985, I transferred to the Internal Revenue Service in Santa Barbara, CA.  Uncle Sam again paid for my move to the neighboring town of Goleta.  In 1987 I acquired my little buddy, my Congo African Grey parrot, Billy Boy.  I lived and worked there  until I got a transfer back to San Diego in 1989 so I could be closer to my mom.  In 1990, I decided to return to school to take some additional accounting classes.  In 1991, I became a revenue agent and I worked as an agent until 1999.  During that period, my mom died on 1/10/96 and my half brother, John C. died in 1997.  Since my mom was gone, i was ready for a big change.  In 1999, I got  promoted to program analyst.  This promotion entailed a move to Washington DC.  Uncle Sam again paid for the move.  I purchased a lovely old Victorian row house on Capitol Hill where I currently reside with my parrot, Billy Boy.  My half brother William died shortly after I moved to DC.

I am enjoying my work as a program analyst and will most likely continue working as an analyst until I retire.  I am eligible to retire in November 2005, but I'm not in a particular hurry.  I would like to transfer back to San Diego where I plan to retire (on Coronado) so I keep my eyes open for transfer opportunities.  A lot of good friends live the San Diego area but I have made some new friends here in the DC area.  My brother, Alex, lives in Coronado and my brother Patrick lives in Santa Rosa, CA.  I enjoy my friends and my family; my brothers have provided me with wonderful nieces and nephews.  My oldest niece lives with her husband and three kids less than 10 miles from DC so I love to visit them.  I am recording secretary for the Society of Sponsors the US Navy and I really enjoy being a part of the JCC Vets Association.