USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) Veterans Association
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These are the biographies submitted by our Members.  When you click on a biography in the table below, you'll be directed to that member's biography page.  Once there you'll notice the page format change.  We've chosen to honor these shipmates by using a patriotic theme on their biography webpage.  We'd like to add more biographies to this page.  If you'd like to submit a biography, please draft your biography and email to the webmaster using the link below.  If you have a preferred picture(s), send them along also.

I'd like to add my biography to this page

Biography - Sherman G. Alexander, CAPT, USN (ret)

Biography - Kenneth L. Baker, ET1(SS)

Biography - James T. Bush, CAPT, USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Earl Austin Cruce, TMC(SS), USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Garry N. Collins, LCDR, SC, USN (ret)

Biography - Jack Ensminger,TMCS(SS), USN (ret)

Biography - Jack B. Ensminger, TMCS(SS), USN (ret)

Biography - Arthur C. Esposito, ETC(SS), USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Jon Fader, MT1(SS)

Biography - Glenn Gerbrand, STS1(SS)

Biography - Darold P. Greene, LCDR, USN (ret)

Biography - Richard Hamly, CAPT, USN (ret)

Biography - Wayne J. Hummel, RMCS(SS), USN (ret)

Biography - Jeff Kollhoff, QM1(SS)

Biographhy - Arland W. Kuester, CAPT USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Fred R. Maxey, Jr., CAPT, USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Theodore O. Pickerill, CDR, USN

Biography - Ted E. Pruitt, CDR, USN (ret)

Biography - Joseph L. Renken, TM1(SS), USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Steve Richey, ETC(SS), USN (ret)

Biography - William L. Smith, ETR2(SS)

Biography - John L. Stacey, CDR, USN (ret) (D)

Biography - Gerold P. Tierney, ST3(SS)

Biography - Jonathon B. Weisbuch, LT, MC, USN

Biography - Ralph D. White, MMCM(SS), USN (ret)