The Prez Sez

Well, the Charleston Reunion is over and it was an outstanding success. Dean and Lynn Hunt hosted. They planned it on a very short fused schedule at the Crown Plaza Hotel in North Charleston. The hotel was accommodating to the Nth degree. If you know of an organization that wants to hold a reunion in the Charleston area, you may recommend them. They get the JCCVA 5 Star rating. To Dean and Lynn, we Thank You so much. You out did yourselves. Bravo Zulu!!!

We had 62 shipmates attend this reunion, but the big news is that for almost half of them it was their first one! This is something that must be perpetuated! New members are key to the continuation of any association. We had about 110 total attendees. I’m looking at getting at least 100 shipmates to the next one.

The big items from the Business Meeting are:

-We have $14,000 in our account after reunion expenses.

-We are going to spend $3,000 plus or minus to buy a brow banner and ships bell. The reason is that Naval Artifacts has been shifted from the Washington Navy Yard to Richmond, Va. They have made obtaining these artifacts so difficult to obtain as to render them useless. Captain Richard Hamly tried to obtain the ship’s bell from them and said that they made him feel like a North Korean. And he didn’t get the bell. You might want to let your elected officials know that they possibly have lapses in the execution of their duties.

-The 3 proposed Bylaw Amendment changes posted on THE VP’S BLURB were approved unanimously and will be reflected in the posted Bylaws soon.

-It is universally recognized that our website is slow and cumbersome. We have voted to upgrade the site by getting a new provider. Mark Akesson, our WebMaster has yet to be informed. I’m sure he will be pleased. That’s my story, anyway.

-It was decided that we will short cycle the next reunion to next year and get back on an even year cycle. To that end, Bucky Huber has volunteered to host the next reunion in Las Vegas!!! Many of us are glad of this so that our West Coast members can more easily attend. Stay tuned on this site for more details, but know that it should be held somewhere between late September to November.

Last, we held the election of officers. Dean Hunt, Chris Burns and Jeff Kohloff will retain their positions as Treasurer, Secretary and Storekeeper respectively. Bucky Huber is now the Vice President of the Association and I, Rob Hughes, am now the President. George Shaw, the outgoing President is now the Chairman of the Board. George Wright, the outgoing Chairman of the Board, has served the Association faithfully and well during the last 7 years and we thank him for his service and wisdom and he stands ready to help the Association in any way he can.

Captain Koepp and his lovely wife Amy attended the banquet and he was our Guest Speaker. He was both informative and humorous on his talk about the submarine service of today and where it is going. A natural speaker who doesn’t bore you.

George Shaw auctioned off quite a few items. He can easily get a part time job as an auctioneer after he retires.

As an additional item, our Chaplain, Jim Bettison, is going to launch a campaign to contact the widows of our former shipmates and let them know that they are still members of the Association and are invited to our reunions.

Lastly, and very unexpectedly, I was honored by being awarded the Dean Axene Award for my recruiting efforts while the VP. Very few people have been recognized with this award and I am deeply humbled. Thank You.

That’s about it for now. Be advised that I will continue to do the VP’s duties as Bucky will be very busy planning the upcoming reunion. Vegas, Baby!!!!!!!!

Really. That’s it. I hope all is well with you. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, concerns or information to pass along.

Respectfully Yours,

Rob Hughes

Updated: November 3, 2021 — 20:38