2021 Reunion

The 2021 JCCVA Reunion will be held in Charleston, SC at the Crown Plaza Charleston Airport Convention Center from 28 October to 30 October, 2021.

The reunion is being hosted by JCCVA Member Dean Hunt and his wife Lynn.

The association’s room rate for the reunion is $129.00 per night. Rooms can be booked by clicking here to go to the hotel’s website. The hotel will also honor the price if you desire to show up a couple days early or stay a couple days after the reunion has ended.

The registration form in fillable word document format can be downloaded here.

The registration from in fillable PDF format can be downloaded here.

The list of shipmates registered to attend the reunion are listed below:

James Ader RM Blue 87-89
Al Beaty EM Blue 86-90
Thomas Bechtel
Jim Bettison MT Blue 85-89
William Bolger ET Blue 84-90
Roger Breitkreutz Gold 70-76
Charles Brunson EM Gold 82-88
Chris Burns MT DECOM 91-94
Glen Caldwell FT Blue 63-66
William Caudill MM Both 67-74
Carl Chinn ET Gold 69-73
Brian Christiano LT Gold 87-90
Bucky Clark MM Blue 72-79
Gary Collins LCDR Blue 73-76
Timothy Crockett ET Blue 89-92
William “Bill” Deihs LCDR Blue 87-90
Frank DeMaio FT Gold 65-68
Ron Dickert MT Gold 86-89
Steve Dye MM Blue 85-89
Michael Edwards TM Blue 63-66
J.B. “Barry” Ensminger TM Gold 63-66
Bill Fenton MT Gold 87-88
Clint Garmon HM Blue 74-76
John Gordon ET Blue 66-72 & 75-79
Alan “AJ” Gould MM Gold 66-72
Carl Graham ET Gold 70-74
Richard “Dick” Hamly LTJG Blue 67-70
Gary Heitmann MT Blue 81-86
Ellis “Bob” Hetrick MT 80-84 87-89 Blue
Paul Hiott QM Blue 79-82
Tom Holcombe ET Gold 74-79
Aaron “Brett” Houston ET Blue 87-91
Richard “Bucky” Huber QM Blue 89-92
Robert “Rob” Hughes MT 70-73 Gold
Dean Hunt ET Gold 64-69
Jeff Kollhoff QM Blue 86-90
Dennis Lanier IC Blue 74-79
Gary Lass EM Gold 82-87
Robert “Rob” Lee TM Blue 63-65
Curtis Matthews RM 82-87
Bob Mitchell ST Blue 72-75
Kevin Oblisk MT Blue 86-91
Patrick Peck ST Blue 87-93
John Pittman
Bruce Richards RM Blue 87-90
Donald Rinthen SD Blue 73-79
Rob “Rod” Rodriguez RMCM Blue 82-87
William “Bill” Rogerson CDR (CO #20) Gold 92-94
Mark Ross MM Blue 87-90
Ken Ruddock ET Blue 75-79
George Shaw EM Blue 79-83
Paul Springmeyer ET ?? 70-74
Robert Stringfellow ST Blue 74-75
Pete Swiderski TM Blue 64-67
Richard Umland MM Gold 63-65
Geroge “Wally” Walrath MM Gold 63-67
Bernard “Bernie” Walz RM Gold 75-77
Ralph White MM Gold 63-67
George Wright ET 66-70 Gold
Paul Yohn Blue 80-83