As you may know, the membership of the association is slowly shrinking due to natural attrition. The primary job of the Vice President is to recruit members for the association. Our Vice president asks that anyone with information on shipmates that may not be on the sailing list please fill out the form located here […]

Pacific War Museum Plaque

Shipmates, for those of you who are active with our USS John C. Calhoun Veterans Association (JCCVA) and/or United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated (USSVI), this coming August 14-20 in Austin, TX, many of us Calhoun veterans will be attending the USSVI 2019 Convention as part of a Mini-Reunion and Plaque Dedication Ceremony for the John. […]

New Chaplain

Our new Chaplain has been approved! Jim Bettison, Blue Crew MT from 85-89 has volunteered for that sacred position. His past experience as a Bible Translator gives him unique insight into the Holy Book. He will not preach to you, but he will be there in your times of spiritual need. Please welcome him aboard!