Eternal Patrol

Shipmates on Eternal Patrol

Herein are the names of Veterans of the USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN-630), a nuclear powered warship. These men successfully participated in the preservation of world peace, through deterrence, during a period that is now called the Cold War.

Peace in the world often means an easier period for some of our nations military services. But not for the Submariner!

These men spent years plowing holes through most of the worlds oceans. They spent countless hours performing their duties and providing a constant threat against any adversary who might consider attacking our country. They knew and understood the dangers and the tribulations involved while on patrol. And there were many.

These men performed their duties at the great expense of not seeing their children grow. They missed their children’s significant lifetime events that included their births, their first tooth, their first step, their first day at school, graduations, engagements, achieving their college of choice, marriages and even their deaths.

These men performed their duties at the great expense of knowingly placing a heavy burden on their wives. For two-thirds of their tours they placed their wives in a position of running the home, raising the children, attending PTA meetings alone.

These men carried with them on patrols the knowledge that their intrepid wives would have to deal with deaths and sickness in their family, car repairs, broken washing machines, budget concerns, flooding basements, bill collectors, teachers and sometimes neighbors. It was not an easy life for any of the family. But it had to be done. And it was.

Now that these men have slipped their cable and taken their last walk across the prow to their final duty station, we dare not to forget these Submariners or their families. They sacrificed large portions of their lives doing their duty for our country.

These men were American Patriots, Submariners, and our Shipmates.
(above contributed by Steve Richey)

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Henry T. Addison James G. Amster
Walter J. Apley Gerald H. Asbury
Dean L. Axene * Henry Baker
Kenneth L. Baker Fred B. Ballard
George Alan Barber William Bechtold
Lemuel Bell Ray V. Bennett
Lloyd Berger Chester Beutler
Stanley J. Bice Thomas Bickle
Calvin Blough William Book
William Brakebill Robert Brim
Paul Brogdon, Jr. Harold E. Brooks
Walter A. Brooks Dennis Bulick
John (Reb) Burton James T. Bush *
Frank Butterworth B. J. Calvert
Larry Cann Jack Casey
Charles “Chuck” Cashion Robert Wayne Chinn
K. Russ Cline Robert B. Connelly
Ronald E. Cordis William M. Cossaboom
Earl Cruce * Neil M. Crumley
William A. Cunningham Gregory J. Czech
Joseph F. Davis Walter Barry Davis
Rueben De La Haya Bill Dorr
Charles W. Duncan Jack H. Ebert
Robert H. Edwards Ike Eishenhauer
John T. Elliot Dick Emery
George Eskew Arthur C. Esposito
Robert Laurence Etchieson Jonathan Fader
Michael Felicetti Wayne C. Ficke
David Fields Robert D. Finch
Charles E. Fischler Danny Lee Flynt
Frank Fortune Stephen G. Freach
James L. Friday, Sr. James Fuller
Thomas L. Galasso Wilbur L. Gilliland
Samuel Giorgio Carlos Goode
Jackie B. Gooch Darold Greene
Robert Grimm Richard Grotte
Paul Guild John Hahn
Donald V. Hahnfeldt Don Hazlett
Gene “Bear” Hazlett James F. Hemperly
Darrell Hensley Jack Ira Hoel
David “Max” Hopkins James M. Howell
John Howser Gene Hughes
Thomas A. Jewell Walter A. Job
William Johnson Jan Alan Kendall
Joe Kornberger Arland W. Kuester *
Mark S. Lanier Robert “Jeff” Lauderdale
William E. Lee James Link
Avery James Lord Frank Lord
Carl E. Maahs James “Chaplain Jim” Magin
Raymond J. Markese Paul James Matthews
Fred R. Maxey Jr. * John A. Maynard
Bruce R. McKenna Dale Roy McLaughlin
Paul Terry McNeill Max Milien
Clarence Mitchell Vernon Q. Mitchell
Joseph Montroy Fred G. Moore
Jerry A. Moose John A. Morris
Don Mosley Shawn Muldowney
Terrence M. Mullaney Tom Nesmith
Carmine F. Nicholas J.B. Norman
Robert S. Northrop Terence J. O’Brien
Joseph O’Donnell Thomas F. Owenbey
Loomis L. Pace Mark W. Paar
Alan Papierowicz Glen W. Paxton
Marshall H. Poole Jr. Paul F. Popik
David Lee Presley Ed Purdy
Paul A. Rader David E. Rein
Joseph L. Renken * Edward L. Ripley
Richard E. Richards Steve Richey *
James Lee Roth Merwyn Salfer
Gary Samples George F. Schilling
Tom Sheppard James L. Sisson
Roy Slocum Edward W. Sloan
Bruce R. Smith Edward Smith
William Smith Stephen J. Springer
John L. Stacey * Thomas Stanley
Steven R. Stout Danny Stovall
Samuel S. Sutton Brad S. Sweeny
Glenn T. Sykes Jr. John D. Thode
Frank A. Thurtell Ralph L. Tindal
Mark J. Toschoff Ron Turner
James A. Vanness Rodney Waldrop
John N. Walker Richard A. Wallace
Christopher C. Ward Dale F. Waser
Delorma Dale Webb Raymond Burke Wellborn
Elmer Wells James West
Dale Samuel Wiles Donald Wilkerson
James E. Williams Barry Wilson
Richard Wilson Ronald Wittschen
Charles Wright Keith A Wright Sr.
TJ Young Jim Zawacki