lucky bag

Lucky Bag

The term “Lucky Bag” is Navy slang referring to “collected unclaimed personal items, or such things confiscated as gear adrift, which were auctioned to the crew on paydays.”

While the items here aren’t exactly unclaimed or confiscated, they are “collected” odds and ends. Here we’ll show some of the uncategorized items that have played a role in the life and times of the USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630). Items such as news articles, holiday menus, commissioning brochures, change of command pamphlets, qual cards, crew newsletters, old family grams, etc will be displayed here. Hey, some of these items just might show up at our reunion auctions. Our previous Storekeeper, Ray Lough, and our current Storekeeper, Jeff Kollhoff, have made auctioning JCC memorabilia, quite the art form! Ya gotta see one to believe it.

If you have something for the page, just scan your item and send it via email. If you don’t know anyone who can scan it, and you are OK with mailing it for a scanning, then by all means, contact the webmaster, Mark Akesson, and make arrangements to send to him. Enjoy!

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