Jack B. Ensminger, TMCS(SS), USN (ret)

Jack was born and raised in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. He graduated on the first of June 1955 from Waynesboro Area Senior High School. He had enlisted in the U.S. Navy during his senior year of High School and was inducted on 9 June 1955.

After basic training at Bainbridge, MD Jack attended Submarine School. He graduated November 10th, 1955 and reported to the USS Dogfish (SS -350) on the 21st of November as a Seaman Apprentice. Jack qualified in submarines aboard DOGFISH in 1956.

He transferred to USS Barracuda (SSK1) in 1958 as a TM2 (SS) and was promoted to first class in December 1960.

Jack’s next duty station was USS Poacher (SS-406) where he reported as TM1 (SS).

He was transferred to USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN 610) pre-commissioning crew in May 1961 and commissioned the USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN- 610) in March of 1962. He made two patrols as a member of the Blue crew before detaching in August 1963.

Delores Smith (Lori), daughter of Sidney & Hazel Smith, married Jack on March 16, 1963 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
He then reported to the pre-commissioning crew of USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) in November 1963 and commissioned USS John C. Calhoun on 21 Oct 1964. He made two patrols as a member of the Gold crew.

After more than 10 years at sea, Jack received some well earned shore duty orders. From April 1966 to June 1969, he was assigned to POMFPAC, Bremerton, Washington. It was here that he made “The Hat” and was promoted to TMC (SS) in April of 1968.

In June 1969 he transferred to USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629). He completed the C-3 conversion aboard the USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629) in 1970 and he served as COB (Chief of the Boat) on the Gold crew for three of the four patrols he made aboard BOONE. He left the BOONE in March 1973 for duty at POMFLANT in Charleston, South Carolina. While at POMFLANT, he was advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Jack retired from the Navy in Charleston on September 30th, 1974 as TMCS(SS).

After his retirement, he was employed by Vitro Corporation from October of 1974 to August 1976. His primary responsibilities were writing, proofing, and maintaining the Hovering System Standard Maintenance Procedures for all classes of FBM submarines.

Jack moved to Grove Manufacturing in August 1976, where he was employed until June 1982. Here, as Supervisor of Service Publications Department, his department was responsible for writing and maintaining service manuals and operator and safety handbooks for all hydraulic crane models. Later, he was an instructor for operations and maintenance in the classroom and in the field for all product line models.

In January 1983, Jack was back to Vitro where he was responsible for Standard Maintenance Procedures of the new Trident Class launching systems. He was transferred to be responsible for Missile Launcher Standard Operating Procedures and Launcher Casualty Procedures for all FBM classes. Jack retired from Vitro in May 1993, as a Senior Engineering Technologist.

In August 1990, Jack coordinated the first John C. Calhoun reunion and organized the John C. CALHOUN Veterans Association. He served as the first President until 1992.

He joined the US Submarine Veterans (USSVI) in 1987 and he organized the Tri-State Base in 1992 and served as Base Commander until 1996. He was elected to the Offices of Pennsylvania State Commander in 1992, Eastern Region Director in 1992, National Senior Vice Commander (1996-1998), and National Commander 2000-2002. He has served as interim District Two Commander on two occasions.

He served as a member of the Washington Township Municipal Authority Board of Directors for 13 years; of his last five years, one year as Secretary/Treasurer and four as Chairman.

Jack has been a member of the American Legion, Joe Stickell Post 15, Waynesboro, PA since 1975 and a Life member since 1988. He was Post Commander 1997-1998 and District 22 Post Commander of the Year in 1998. He also served as Bi-County Commander, Franklin/Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania 1998-1999.

In February 1999, he was inducted into The Chapel of Four Chaplains Legion of Honor for civic service in the communities of Waynesboro, PA and Washington Township, PA.

He is an active member of the following organizations:

Acacia Masonic Lodge, Waynesboro, PA
Life Member Bremerton Scottish Rite, Bremerton WA
AANOMS Zembo Shrine, Harrisburg, PA
Life Member/Past President Franklin County Shrine Club, Waynesboro, PA
Franklin County High Twelve Club 726 Chambersburg, PA
Life Member American Legion Post 15, Waynesboro, PA
Life Member VFW Post 1599, Chambersburg, PA
Life member AMVETS Post 224, Chambersburg, PA
Life Member Fleet Reserve Association, Tri-Angle Branch, Bethesda, MD
USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN630) Veterans Association (Charter Member)
Life Member Submarine Veterans WWII Capital Chapter Harrisburg, PA
Life member United States Submarine Veterans
Life Member United States Submarine Veterans Tri-State Base, Waynesboro, PA.
Mr. Ensminger is presently serving in the VFW Post 1599 Honor Guard for Military funerals.