Wayne J. Hummel, RMCS(SS), USN (ret)

Wayne J. Hummel was born to Wayne and Elizabeth Hummel in Cleveland, Ohio in 1943.

He joined the Navy in 1962 from North Carolina and received his boot training at the Great Lakes, Illinois facility.

Wayne reported aboard the USS JOHN C. CALHOUN (SSBN 630) as part of the pre-commissioning crew in 1963. At the time, he was an RM3(SU). Wayne qualified in submarines aboard CALHOUN and made six detereent patrols before transferring five years later as an RM1(SS)!

He then attended Instructor training at Norfolk, Virginia before reporting to Cleveland, Ohio in 1968 as the Training Administrator for the Reserve Submarine Division on the USS COD (AGSS 224). The COD is now a memorial located on East 9th Street in Cleveland.

In 1971, Wayne transferred to Advanced Radioman School (B School) at Bainbridge, MD. He also received additional training at Submarine School (Submarine Communications Equipment) in November 1971 through March 1972 in New London, CT.

At this point in his career, Wayne transferred to Electric Boat Hipyard in Groton, CT where he completed the shipyard overhaul of the USS KAMRHAMEHA (SSBN 642). He was promoted to Chief Petty Officer during this tour. He detached in 1975.

His follow on tour was down the road in New London, CT as an instructor at the Submarine School. Here he trained future submariners until his tour was up in 1978.

Wayne reported to USS TECHUMSEH (SSBN 628) during its overhaul in Portsmouth, NH. Wayne felt he was becoming a professional “overhauler’ until he realized the time counted as sea duty for rotational purposes! During this assignment, Wayne was promoted to RMCS (SS).

Wayne married in 1979. He and his wife have four children; James, Joseph, David, and Belinda.

After this tour, he returned to Submarine School to serve as Assistant Director, Electronic Training Division (Radioman Submarine Electronics Technical Training and Torpedo Fire Control ‘A ‘School Divisions). His talents were continuing to be recognized and he was extended two years to supervise the development of a twenty four week course titled “Advanced System Level Technician” for mid-career Radiomen. During this tour, Wayne completed his Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Illinois University, as well as completing a Masters of Arts Degree fromt he University of New Haven in Industrial Psychology.

Wayne retired from the Navy from his Submarine School duty in 1986 after twenty four years service. His awards include; Good Conduct Medal, Sea Service Ribbon, Battle “E” (with 2 stars), Navy Unit Commendation, Navy Achievement Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal.

After retirement, he worked for a year or so with a Defense contractor before returning home to Ohio.

He is presently employed as a Senior Engineer performing installation, start-up, troubleshooting, and customer training, on control devices at fossil fuel power plants, paper mills, and cement manufacturers. He travels internationally in this capacity.

Wayne is a member of the America Legion, Fleet Reserve Association, and the USS JOHN C. CALHOUN (SSBN 630) Veterans Association.