The Prez Sez

A few people have asked if there is a list of signed up attendees to the reunion. Bucky Huber gave me this list about 3 weeks ago but I am just now getting to it. Mea Culpa. So, without further ado, here it is.

Again, this list is dated 22 August.

Graham, Carl

Mitchell, Robert

Holcombe, Thomas

Hunt, Eldean

Czelusniak, Paul

Hubert, Richard

Clark, Macon

Cole, David

Ross, Mark

Smith, Rockford

Rinthen, Donald

Bettison, James

Brusky, Brian

Springmeyer, Paul

Whitesides, Richard

Shaw, George

Hughes, Robert

Heitmann, Gary

Beaty, Alfred

Geiger, Stephan

Gooch, James

Carmus, Dooley

Kollhoff, Jeffery

Deihs, William

Rogerson, William

Hansen, David

Wethington, Ken

Caudill, William

Huber, Richard

Thats it as of 22 August. Remember, Registration Forms must be in by 2 October. Hope to see you there!