Chaplain’s Message on Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian Message from your Chaplain

Shipmates, as I write this, Hurricane Dorian is a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds around 145 mph. She is currently approaching the eastern coast of Florida and appears to be curving northward. As you know, these destructive storms are rather unpredictable in spite of our modern meteorological systems and models.

I urge you to pray that the storm may dissipate. Pray also for those in the path of the storm – to strengthen their backs and shoulders as well as their resolve to press on through this calamity to the calm that lay on the other side.

I urge you to contact fellow shipmates and their families that may be affected by Dorian and report to JCCVA.

I urge those of you who are relatively near and able to respond to the distresses, hazards, and destruction that the storm will leave behind to put your wisdom, guts, and expertise to work to assist in rescue and recovery efforts.

Natural disasters like this happen in life in addition to many other types of unwelcome challenges, tragedies, and hardships. May we forever be found courageous in the face of such adversity, and refined by the fires of affliction to meet each new day better men than we were before.

A sharp salute from me to you. God bless you – fair winds and following seas.

Best Regards,
James Bettison
JCCVA Chaplain

Updated: September 2, 2019 — 18:54