The countdown to the reunion is rapidly ticking away. I’ve been on the phone a lot, especially trying to reach out to our West Coast members. Many have asked who else is attending. I just got a list of those who have signed up so far (as of Monday August 22). Here goes:

Carl Graham

Robert Mitchell

Thomas Holcombe

Eldean Hunt

Czelusniak, Paul

Richard Hubert

Macon Clark

David Cole

Mark Ross

Rockford Smith

Donald Rinthen

James Bettison

Brian Brusky

Paul Springmeyer

Richard Whitesides

George Shaw

Robert Hughes

Gary Heitmann

Alfred Beaty

Stephan Geiger

James Gooch

Dooley Camus

Jeffery Kollhoff

William Deihs

William Rogerson

David Hansen

Ken Wethington

William Caudill

Richard Huber

Thats it for now. I did not list wives because I do not have that info but for all of you that I know, most if not all are also attending. Besides, we need that adult supervision. At least I do. And yes, the War Department is coming with me.

I will update this list as I get the info. And remember: 2 OCTOBER IS THE CUTOFF DATE!!!

See Ya’ll in 2 months. Vegas, Baby!!!

Rob Hughes

Updated: November 29, 2022 — 03:52